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Security Begins With You

Are your online passwords all the same? Are they simple 4 character ones? Are they your pet’s name, or another loved one’s name? Bad, bad, bad! As explained in this article @ The Star, Hackers are everywhere these days, and they would love to get access to your accounts. Do not make it easy for […]

Hacking a Photocopier

Grandpa Richard is a techie, yet did not realize that most modern office photocopiers have a hard disk inside. Would you like to guess what is on that hard drive? Yes, it has an operating system, since the photocopier is controlled by a small computer. It also has lots of information on its platters. Potentially […]

Computer Security While On The Road

It is rare for Grandpa Richard to promote a product, but in today’s world full of hackers and spammers, I believe you need to know about these. Hopefully your home computer is well protected with anti-spam methods, and other security products. You also keep your software (like Firefox and Windows especially) up to date. What […]