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Humans tend to avoid negative facts about things they cannot see. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a common English saying. And along comes Infrastructure. We bury pipes that deliver water to our homes, and remove waste material from our washrooms, our kitchen sinks, and our laundry rooms. How often do you think about […]

We Are Falling Apart

Infrastructure. Not a very sexy topic. In fact, a topic that gets ignored, except when that infrastructure breaks. What do I mean by infrastructure? The best examples are roads, bridges, hydro systems, phone systems, and the most insidious – water and sewer systems. What is so special about water and sewer? They are out of […]

Infrastructure Problems

Perhaps you do not see it, but much of Canada’s infrastructure is in bad shape. Roads, bridges, water delivery systems, sewage systems. Much of our infrastructure is old, and not only in constant need of repair, but in many cases should be replaced. A story in today’s Globe and Mail is a good example. “Ontario’s […]