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I was reading a new post over at Where Are My Super Mom Boots (if you are asking the question “why does Grandpa Richard read that site?”, it is my eldest daughter’s!) and I noted with interest item # 4. Bullying. Unfortunately, I did not really notice the issue much, in my own childhood, or […]

Newest e-Reader

Kindle, iPad, and more. This market is starting to grow nicely. It still does not have my perfect device. At least I do not think it does. I want one that can display/play computer files in the following formats txt doc pdf jpg wmv mp3 mp4 flv As far as I know, the only really […]

Electronic Book Reader

On my way to the Henry’s Fall Photography Show, I sat behind a lady who had a new toy! It was a small book, but not the kind you are thinking of. This was an electronic gadget for reading books. It was “way cool” to borrow a phrase from another generation. One of the best […]