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If Only I Could Win The Lottery

Lotteries in Canada are probably the highest tax rate there is. The purchasers, on average, win less than 1/2 the money that they spend. More than 1/2 goes to expenses and government coffers. But almost everyone dreams of winning the big one, even Grandpa Richard. So, what is it like to win millions of dollars? […]

The Dalton 5

The interesting (and somewhat sad) fact about the following news bite is that Grandpa Richard is directly affected by it’s subject. Yep. I am in the Dalton 5. Our premier’s 5% cut to job positions. I know it was nothing personal. Let’s face it, the economy is not super healthy. The question that this “not […]

Distracted Driving

Police in Ontario laid 306 distracted driving charges during the Thanksgiving long weekend. Most were probably cell phone related. In British Columbia, a September crackdown on distracted driving led to about 3,500 charges. One of the best excuses to me was, “It was my boss on the phone — I had to answer it.” And […]

An Election is Coming

Here is an early video ad, put together by a interest group that claims to be independent. There will be an election here in Ontario in the fall of 2011.

Gambling in Ontario

t has been almost 20 years since Ontario’s first casino opened. There are now 50 million visits a year to 27 casinos in Ontario, and the government brings in almost $2 billion a year from them. Critics claim that about 30% of that money comes from problem gamblers, and another unknown percentage comes from the […]

Fake Car Crashes

The insurance industry thinks that fake crashes here in Ontario are on the rise. Here is an article in The Star sharing the experience of one innocent person who was involved in one. Read this so that you understand what could happen, and how to protect yourself. One strong suggestion is to always have a […]

Happiness Equals Severance and a New Job

Some employees of the Ontario Provincial Government are getting new jobs with the Federal Government, as well as severance for losing their old jobs. Yes, a blatant case of double-dipping, but do not blame the employees or their union. Blame the government negotiators who gave them such a sweet deal without some additional “but only […]