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Food Sizing … Again!

I reported this earlier in the post. The Toronto Star has published another item about food package sizing. It continues to go down, and the price stays the same. See the article here. Studies show that consumers are twice as sensitive to price as quantity, meaning you’re more likely to notice your morning coffee went […]

Clamshells Suck

I just read this article about the use of hard plastic clamshells in toy packaging. Parents hate them, especially due to the difficulty opening them. We usually have to resort to tools. It is just not with toys either. I see hard plastic packaging with most of my computer and camera parts and accessories. Why […]

More on bpa

In other postings (see them here and here and here and here), I have discussed the issue of BPAs in our food packaging products. Now a study, which appears in the current issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment, is one of the first to try to survey the extent of the trace […]

Too Much Plastic in Toronto

The city of Toronto is considering tough action to curb waste generated by overly packaged consumer products. The choices range from an outright ban on materials used in food takeout, to a tax on retail plastic bags, to a city-run deposit-return program, and many other possibilities in-between. Industry is, of course, opposed to new regulations, […]