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Choosing a life partner

An age old problem. How to choose a good marriage partner. One method involves mathematics. Suppose you decide to marry, and to select your life partner you will interview at most 100 candidate spouses. The interviews are arranged in random order, and you have no information about candidates you haven’t yet spoken to. After each […]

Do you lie to your partner?

A new relationship survey in the Globe and Mail. Only 8 questions, plus 2 more to give stats on location and gender. Will just take you one minute. The results of this survey did not surprise me. Over 1/2 of us lie to our spouses, although the majority are little white lies, designed to either […]

Have you cheated on your partner?

That, basically, is today’s relationship question in the Globe and Mail. According to survey results, 40% of us have cheated!!! Wow, that is high. To take the survey, go to this page.