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Peanut Butter Pricing About To Go Thru The Roof

Peanut Butter. Who does not remember having peanut butter sandwiches when they were young? Or maybe on toast. My Aunt Mary was living with us for a while and she made my sandwiches for school lunch time. Peanut butter and honey. When I got older it was toast with peanut butter and banana slices. Yum, […]

Food Prices

The press has been telling me that there is a LOT of upward pressure on food prices. In some cases I have noticed the changes. There is one change that I consider insidious. Really ticks me off. Make the product a bit smaller and keep the price the same. One example. I am a big […]

Gas Prices – Think We Have It Bad?

As usual, we think we have it sooooo bad! Here is a short list, taken from this article on the website of the Toronto Star. Canada Toronto: 139.6 cents/L Winnipeg: 122.9 cents/L Halifax: 136.9 cents/L Vancouver: 144.1 cents/L International Netherlands: 236.5 cents/L Australia: 150.5 cents/L United Kingdom: 216.4 cents/L France: 226.2 cents/L Can you imagine […]