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But We Would Still Like You To Make A Donation

A student attending a prestigious private high school was expelled on the final day of school. He had been caught smoking an illegal substance. Until that day he had been a model student. His parents say they spent over $200,000 to send their son to the school for 6 years. They also made additional donations […]

Report Cards to Improve

In a previous post, I talked about the sometimes incomprehensible comments on school report cards. Now comes a report that says that they will change. For the better. See this article for more details.

memorizing the times table

Here is a topic regarding teaching that Grandpa Richard can relate to, and one that he has a definite opinion about. I understand that most “teaching” that occurs today in public schools is considered “child-centred”. This Globe and Mail article talks about a small school that uses more traditional “direct education”. The public system considers […]

school report cards

A bit soon to be discussing report cards, isn’t it? I mean, after all, school just started yesterday. Grandpa Richard remembers report cards well. They would come with hand written comments from the teachers. My mom would analyze those comments carefully, and then drag me off to parent/teacher night. Ugh! Now-a-days, comments are computerized. Teachers […]