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The Perils of Texting

People who work their phone texts while doing other things are asking for trouble. If you are walking, then concentrate on walking. If you want to send or read a text then stop. Here is a prime example of what can happen. This lady is walking down the middle of a mall concentrating on her […]

Do not text while walking

Here in Ontario, and in many other jurisdictions, the laws are moving towards restrictions on using cell phones while driving. As I tell many of my BlackBerry enabled co-workers, it is also dangerous to text while walking. Here is a prime example of what can happen if you are not watching while you walk. A […]

Blackberries: Healthy or Poisonous

Grandpa Richard is committed to a very healthy diet based mainly on raw foods. Foods like fruits and vegetables. Blackberries are definitely on that list. So what’s with the title of this posting? I am talking about the RIM Blackberries. Today on the way home from work I stood at a red light, waiting to […]