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some thieves are very creative

Some crooks get very creative. Here are two examples of theft involving cars, where the thief did not steal the car. Example # 1 – just steal the headlight Turns out that the fancy headlights of some Porsche models are just perfect for indoor growing of marijuana plants. They are just the right type of […]

House Stolen

This has got to be a first. A man’s house was stolen. Mind you, it was a trailer style, but still, it was a 45 foot double wide. So how did the thief steal it without being noticed? See here for details. photo credit: subewl

GPS: On The Other Hand!

You read a bad GPS story. Now let’s read a good GPS story. In my previous post you read how a GPS led to a lost couple in the Nevada wilderness. Now comes another GPS story about a car thief. Seems that 29-year-old Joshua stole a truck the other day. Unfortunately for him, the owner’s […]

Gift Card Rip Off

photo credit: mueritz Ever had a gift card’s balance go to $0.00 without you using the card? Blame it on some creative thief. A thief finds a display of cards and writes down the number from the back of the card. Then, everyday the thief phones the tool free number and checks on the card’s […]