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Mayor Ford Ignored The Obvious

When the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was kicked out of office by a judge last week, I was initially shocked. All this over a little $3,150 donation to a worthy cause? Now that I have read an article that gave more history to the issue, I am surprised he did not get booted out […]

Reptiles Love The Sun

I think that most (all?) reptiles are cold- blooded, meaning that they love to sun tan. The weather here in Toronto has been great for that lately, so finding a sunning reptile should not be much of a surprise. Right! A family here in the Toronto area was just a bit surprised when they found […]

The 23 1/2 Hour Video

It is actually only 9 minutes long, not 23 1/2. However, it does ask a question about 23 1/2 hours of your day. I love walking. My favourite is to walk in some woods. Preferably on a path created without man-made stuff, like asphalt. There are some awesome trails in east Scarborough and Pickering (parts […]

Having Your Work Office Blessed

A city councillor here in Toronto submitted a $300 expense claim for having his new city hall office blessed by a Baptist pastor. He claimed that it is an allowable expense under city rules. Up to $500 a year can be made in donations to community groups, and I guess a church falls in that […]

Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade

I am sick and tired of this constant bickering over gay rights, etc. I sent the following email out this morning to the 4 leaders of our major political parties. To: the Leaders of our Country cc: my local MP Why does a successful event need free money? Personally, I ask, with the mess in […]

What Keeps A Grandpa Happy?

I can tell you one thing that has me beaming today. The TTC has implemented their Trip Planner !!! Doesn’t that make you excited? What? It doesn’t?! You spoiled brats that have never had to take 2 or more buses to get from A to B !!! Grandpa Richard is a serious Public Transit kind […]

Bye Bye Adam

Adam Giambrone has thrown in the towel. In a very short news conference today just before noon, he said he was sorry. He did not utter the words, “It is finished”. His campaign guru got up after Adam left the room and told the press that Adam’s mayoral campaign was over. Adam will have to […]