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To Infinity and Beyond

No. Not a post about Buzz Lightyear. A post about 2 Canadian 17 year olds who sent a Lego man to the edge of space. Using a $400 budget, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad were able to design and construct a homemade helium powered module that included several digital cameras and a video camera. They […]

Cell Phone Cameras and Social Media

I am wondering how long before people wake up to the new realities. Now that millions of Canadians are walking around with cell phones that can take photos and even video, being bad in public is becoming dangerous. Take the recent riots in Vancouver after the final game of the Stanley Cup. People were actually […]

Ellen D Arrives at Work

I do not want Grandpa Richard Speaks to turn into a video showcase. After all, it is called Grandpa Richard SPEAKS for a reason. BUT, this video is so cool. What is Ellen’s first thing at the office routine like? Go to Ellen.TV and watch this video to find out. Ellen Arrives at the Office

Dominoes and More

I really enjoy watching videos like this (featuring the band OK Go), where they set up a very intricate “machine”. I am not sure how to describe it, so just watch. Lots of fun. According to this page at Wikipedia, “The construction took over a month and a half during January and February 2010. The […]

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad. We knew it was coming. It was just a question of features and pricing. Well, the experts think the pricing is aggressive. The jury might be out on features. Here is Grandpa Richard’s quick view. pricing = not sure size = plus colour = plus touch keypad = good no SD card […]

Baby Rollerblading

We all know that Evian (brand of bottled water) is just Naive spelled backwards, but their newest ad is AWESOME!!! Talk about a cool use of technology.

Arrrggghhh Matey!

Pirate Bay. If you are in the know about internet matters and downloading music and video, then you know about Pirate Bay. The owner’s of this notorious website were recently found guilty of breaking some laws regarding their site helping people download pirated materials. I posted a comment on the Globe and Mail’s article about […]