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Happy Birthday Grandpa Richard

59. Wow. Only one year of my youth is left. Sigh. 🙁 (is it true what they say – age is just a number? – leave a comment – thanks) p.s. my 7 year old grand daughter asked this question after I explained how old I was and that my next birthday will be # […]

My First Bike

I do not actually remember dad bringing my first real 2 wheeler home, but I definitely remember learning to ride it. I had some bricks piled up at 2 ends of a smooth field. My bike was a bit big for me, and I needed the bricks to help me climb up on the seat! […]

Caffeine High Not Good for Students

Doctors in PEI have suggested that young people be banned from purchasing caffeinated energy drinks. There is some evidence that there are actual health risks associated with the drinks, which can be addictive. One school has already banned them. One source said they object to grocery stores placing the drinks in high traffic areas in […]