technology is great when it works

When it comes to computer health, I have been blessed over the years. That blessing ended last Friday.

My primary “used mainly for internet” computer had started to have problems powering up early last week. It crashed / died on Friday. I really thought it was the power supply, so I replaced it. Nope. Now what?

The issue is not buying a new computer. I can get some great deals in today’s world, and I do not need a very powerful one to replace that machine. Even saw an ad for a sale priced low-end machine for a measly $200. AND it had XP. Bonus.

The problem is the 10+ must-have applications that I have on the dead computer’s hard drive. They cannot just be copied; they have to be installed. I figure it could take me an entire weekend just to get the thing working again. Not like the old DOS 6 days when a simple copy process from one disk to another would work.

Arrrggghhh !