Text Messaging in an Addicted World

Big public stink over the plan by Bell and Telus to charge for INCOMING text messages. Whether you read them or not. Globe and Mail had it as a front page story. Some comments from one columnist went like this. “But we are talking about one of the fastest growing addictions that our society has ever fallen prey to. The cellphone is to the land-line telephone what crack is to cocaine: a far speedier high that, once you start using, is impossible to imagine ever being without again.”

I seldom use text messaging. When I contacted Bell and asked how I can deal with text messages that I do not want, they gave me 3 choices, (1) pay for a texting plan [$3 a month would cover me], or (2) pay the 15 cents per message, or (3) have Bell disable texting on my line. If I went with # 2 I could always protest legitimate spam and ask for a refund.

I refuse to pay money for something I seldom use, so # 1 was out.
I do not want to be spending time hassling Bell about 15 cent rebates for legitimate spam, so # 2 was out.
In the end I had them disable my line’s texting. Sorry family, you’ll have to email me or phone me.

To top it all off, both companies claimed that 95% of their customers already had plans so this will only affect the 5%. If that is true, charge the SENDERS another 1 cent instead.