That Took a While

This weekend has seen me do something that I have not done in, quite literally, decades. In fact, make that 2 somethings.

First. On Saturday night I went to a progressive Euchre meet up. I do not think that I have played that much euchre since grade 13. We used to play every lunch at school. My skills were definitely a bit rusty, but I had a great time. In progressive euchre, the 2 losers move on to a new table, and everyone switches around so that you avoid having the same partner more than once all evening.

Second. Just got back from playing badminton. Again, probably have not played seriously since before my wedding over 30 years ago. They play for 3 hours, taking 15 minute turns. We had 3 courts, and since there were less than 20 people, some got to play 2 times in a row. I think I played 3 times and then told the organizer that was enough for my first time out. My right arm muscles are already sore, and other parts of me will probably be complaining by tomorrow morning.

Great weekend.

(how is your physical activity level these days? I am sure you know that it is good for your overall health)