The Future Of Video Games … and More


Final Fantasy XIII.

Graphics keep getting better as hardware becomes more powerful.

“Imagine when 3D TV gets good enough, and priced right for common home use”, I stated to a friend.

His response was to bring up the idea of 3D virtual reality, possibly as portrayed on this Wikipedia page. He went further to contemplate the idea of not just a game world that you can enter with a headset and hand motion sensors, but a complete world.

Think The Matrix, especially when Neo meets the gal in the red dress. Afterwards, his co-traveller offers to introduce Neo to the gal. Just keep in mind that she is not real, but rather a virtual reality hottie.

Another movie that comes to mind is Surrogates in which people stayed home while robotic surrogates went about day-to-day life controlled by the brain waves of real people.

Although the idea behind Surrogates may be a while off, being able to immerse yourself in a 3D reality world may not be quite so far away.

We then both agreed that there is a line that should not be crossed. I will admit that in cases of mild depression (hey, I lost a wife of 22 years to a split, and I did not want to) I play more video games, specifically Age of Empires II, and can easily lose myself to its graphical world for 3 or 4 hours.

While in that world, I leave the real world, with its pain. The thought of having a 3D world like The Matrix is scary. Come home from work, eat something, get comfy in the lazy-boy, put on the 3D visor, and really zone out until falling asleep.

Leaving this reality for a virtual one is bound to ruin your life.

What is that term? A slippery slope?

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