The Royal Bank Issue

See the story in the Star about the Royal Bank style outsourcing from an agency’s viewpoint.

Don’t ask the government to do anything about this. They already use some of the same techniques. How can they point a finger at corporations when they are on the same path.

I don’t know of any cases of the Ontario Government using “foreigners”, but they use some of the techniques described in the above article. Why? Well, you lay off employees, then replace them with contractors. Then you tell the voters that you have decreased the employee count. Political brownie points follow.

Or, how about using techniques that will avoid CRA (Canada’s tax group) applying the “contractor or employee” rules.

Don’t just pick on corporations. Talk to your MPP about the government’s shameful actions.

(p.s. This, to me, is part of the “letter of the law vs. spirit of the law”. The Royal Bank claimed that it followed the letter of the law, and I am sure they did. But all laws have loop holes. What our governments and corporations need to do is follow the spirit of the law. Don’t use the loop holes.)

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