There Must Be An Election Coming

The distractions are starting.

Just before an election, the political party in power starts creating distractions. These are created to take us away from issues that are important, and which the ruling party is struggling with.

The Harper Conservatives have been really pushing the terrorism and crime issues. What I see is a downward trend in violent crimes, and really, what are the chances of us being killed by a terrorist. As well, a majority of violent crimes involve people who know each other.

The other item I just noticed is Harper getting ready to announce that he will work at abolishing the Senate. Good ploy by Steven, but do NOT fall for the distraction. The Senate can wait until after Oct 19. Let’s deal with more important issues, like jobs and health and education.

Do NOT let the Conservatives do a “Wag the Dog” on you. (if you do not understand that reference, google it; it was a movie; read the plot)

Ask the candidates in your area how they are planning to deal with the day to day issues that affect all Canadians.

And that is what Grandpa Richard Speaks today.