Think First

Twice in the past month I have notice news reports of the same type of accident.

A driver pulls up to a spot where they must “communicate” with a machine of some type in order to get their car through a gate. They pull up and roll down their window. Unfortunately, they are not close enough to reach the ticket machine (or similar) so they open the car door to be able to lean out further. While doing this, they keep their foot on the brake to keep their car from moving.

That’s their big mistake.

Their foot slips off the brake and the car rolls forward. In the two cases I have read about in my community, a part or parts of their body got jammed between the door and the car frame. Sadly, both drivers ended up dying. The most recent occurred on Christmas Eve and the deceased lady left behind 3 children under 10.

Use the parking brake people !!!

Recent case