Thomas The Train and Korea

Two items that I noticed today while visiting with my daughter.

# 1 – We were shopping at Walmart in the toy department and came upon a section of Thomas the Train toys. Have you ever watched the Thomas the Train TV series? Pretty boring was our agreed upon thoughts. Sure, we are not kids, but there are lots of other kids TV shows much better, and we have several children in the family to prove our theory. Yet, Thomas the Train has a huge following in the toy section. (Mind you, I do love building track designs with my one grandson)

# 2 – I have a new Android phone and today, the 3rd day that I have owned it, it did one of those spelling changes that everyone laughs about. I was texting my daughter and mentioned someone that we both know. The person’s name is Kirra and my phone changed it to Korea. I will have to either figure out how to turn that feature off, or I will have to be more diligent before hitting “Send”.