To Infinity and Beyond

No. Not a post about Buzz Lightyear. A post about 2 Canadian 17 year olds who sent a Lego man to the edge of space.

lego man in spaceUsing a $400 budget, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad were able to design and construct a homemade helium powered module that included several digital cameras and a video camera. They were quite ingenious, and thought it through well. For example, to keep the camera batteries active despite the frigid temperatures 24 km above the earth’s surface, they included mitt warmers. They did it all on their own, using just research on the Internet.

The following article in The Star includes a video. Click and watch.

Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high
They haven’t been accepted to college yet, though that might change after this story. The 17-year-olds have already sent a (Lego) man into space. Two weeks ago, Ho and Muhammad launched a homemade balloon carrying a Lego passenger and four cameras.

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