TV Ads

I detest most TV ads. What a waste of the advertisers money. But, I suppose they must be able to prove that they help, or they would agree with me and stop spending.

There are some I love. I would call them cute. I’ll give you one example.

Three young girls go to have some milk and cookies. The cookies, of course, are Oreo cookies. Now, if you never dipped an Oreo cookie in milk … well, I feel sorry for you.

The one girl takes the milk from the fridge and dutifully divides it extremely evenly amongst the three glasses, and then they all sit down to enjoy. The problem is that the glasses are tall and there is not enough milk in them to be able to reach with the cookies.

The solution? They combine all the milk in one glass and take turns dipping.

It’s cute because it reminds me of both my own childhood and the childhood of my children, all of whom are now adults. It brings a smile to my face, and I have to admit, a tiny tear to my eye.

(I’m a sentimental grandpa)

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