United States $ vs. Canadian $

Here we go again. Different scenario, same arguments.

The Canadian Dollar’s value against its southern neighbours greenback has increased dramatically in the last number of months. Exporters say they are hurting badly because their industries tend to use U.S. $ as a benchmark. In the meantime, the importers say that prices have stayed high because deals are often made 3 or more months ahead of shipments.

Seems that more of us are starting to head south on shopping trips to take advantage of the savings.

Now, are importers saying that their import prices are based on the Canadian $? I would think that their prices would also be quoted in U.S.$ and if they are making those payments at time of shipments, then the prices effectively go down.

As well, it seems that when price changes are in favour of the consumer, they change slowly, yet when price changes are in favour of the suppliers, prices change quickly. You ever had that sense?