Unpaid Time Off

For Ontario residents who remember the days when the NDP was in charge, we may be seeing a return of “Rae Days”, properly renamed “Dalton Days”.

That was when public servants had to take 1 day off per month, without pay.

Since salaries represent about 80 per cent of the provincial budget and account for three-quarters of all the money Queen’s Park transfers to municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals, it seems like a simple way to cut costs by 4% (5% of 80%).

I am sure that civil servants were none too happy back in the Rae days, and are probably waking up today a bit grumpy once they read the paper.

The question is: can we make the civil service more efficient just by cleaning house? Are there ministries that have more people than it really takes? In an organization of 10’s of thousands of employees, how much “dead wood” is there, and can we “weed them out”? How many employees are being paid more than they are worth, because they were hired for who they know, rather than what they know or are capable of?

Am I now in trouble with some of my co-workers???

You know Grandpa Richard. He does not care much anymore about stepping on toes. He just wants the truth and fairness all around.