What did we do before google?

I am not actually going to answer the question, “What did we do before Google?”, but I am going to look at some things we can learn from the search monster in our midst.

What can we learn from Google?

We can learn interesting things about people. Things that people want to learn about. Things that people want to do.

Here are some of the more common searches that people make on Google in the “How to win” category.

How to win …

  • an argument
  • a fight
  • a girl’s heart
  • at slot machines
  • back an ex
  • blackjack
  • free stuff
  • go fish
  • Justin Bieber tickets
  • the lottery
  • x and o

In fact, of the top 260 searches under “how to win”, 20 of them had to do with winning an “ex” back. Aw, sweet love gone sour! 🙁

There were about 30 that had to do with winning money, making the all powerful buck more valuable than love. At least, in Google searches.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    I would like to know how to win an argument. Maybe I should Google it 🙂

  2. GrandpaRichard says:

    @Stephanie … and here I am, silly Grandpa Richard, thinking that it would be the men who would Google that!!