What Do Grandpas Do On Weekends?

When they are not visiting their grandchildren, that is.

Well, playing with computers, writing for blogs, shopping, laundry, walking, cycling, going to social events or out on dates, and …

… in some cases taking in strange events. Events like the annual Zombie Walk here in Toronto.

I am not a fan of Zombie movies, but thought it would be interesting to go see this Zombie Walk. Some of the participants did some pretty amazing makeup, while others just applied a white base and adding fake blood.

Take a look at a small sample of the photos that I took. (I especially liked the ones where they inserted those fake iris things in their eyes – looks cool)

toronto zombie walk 2009

Photo 4464

toronto zombie walk 2009

Photo 4466

toronto zombie walk 2009

Photo 4467

toronto zombie walk 2009

Photo 4694


  1. Stephanie says:

    great photos!! Very cool!

  2. VS says:

    Looks like these people actually posed for you.

    [GR responds – the 1st did not, the 4th did, the other 2 I am not sure. Some of the crowd was walking slow enough that I would aim and wait for their eyes to come my way.]