What is the meaning of Poor?

Reader ‘Jess’ opened up a can of worms when she commented on the Ray Kroc quote. Here in Canada, what does the term poor mean?

When I moved to Winnipeg in about 1990 the press was awash with articles about welfare, and how hard it was to live that way. Then came evidence of how some people on welfare (able-bodied people) were taking taxis a lot, had cable TV and big TVs, etc.

If you have the ability to get to stores (and with today’s buses, that is easy even for wheelchair bound people, from what I witness) and you have reasonable mental abilities, then you can get to a discount grocery store, buy some good healthy food on sale, and go home and cook it according to easily accessed recipes. Even I walk about a kilometre to a grocery store, and then carry the groceries for myself home. If you have the time, why would you eat highly processed food? It is both more expensive, and less healthy. Consider that the average banana is only about a quarter, and the average chocolate bar is … well, you get my point.

Again, if you are mobile, have time, and some brain power, you should be in the library regularly, learning. Through learning you can better your life.

Are you a member of a church or some other organization? They are bound to have volunteers who will help you find ways to support yourself. There are so many ways of earning an income through a home-based business. If you prove yourself willing to put forth the effort, some organization will help you with the process and help you acquire some beginning assets.

In several subsequent emails that I exchanged with ‘Jess’ she commented that many poor people are probably ‘motivationally poor’. Do you realize how many thousands of immigrants came to our wonderful country in the past several decades with nothing? Even their school diplomas were worthless. Did they cry and go on welfare, etc? Many of them did what ever it took to get ahead. No moaning and groaning for many of them. They drove cab and worked in factories, often 2 jobs.

You want poor? Look at much of Africa and many other places around the world. To them, our poor are rich.

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