What is your address?

Mine is 123 Main St, Toronto … NO, not that type of address!! Your Internet address!

Your internet address is actually a bunch of numbers, called an IPv4 address. An example would be Notice that there are 4 groups of numbers. Each group has 255 possible numbers, and 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 = about 4 billion. (If you want to find out what your address is, visit this site)

The problem is that there are close to 4 billion devices attached to the Internet already. Computers, networked printers, iPads, smartphones, even Internet savvy fridges. When we assign the final address, we will not be able to attach any more gadgets to the internet. Then what?

Just before the big Y2K thing a group saw this problem coming and proposed a 6 group address. This new address style, IPv6, allows for about 3 million trillion trillion possible addresses, which allows for a ridiculous number of “gadgets”.

The problem is that most of the companies that supply internet services to us have procrastinated on switching to the new system of addresses and time is running out.

To read more on this, visit this page at The Star’s website.


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  1. Robert says:

    There were five billion devices connected to the internet back in August 2010. The only reason that’s even possible is massive use of NAT.

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