What Would The PM Sing If He Sang?

The Canadian Prime Minister (Mr. Harper) usually shuns special gala events. He made an exception recently, when he not only sang, but also played the piano for the crowd at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. He was accompanied by renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma.

And what does a PM sing? Mr. Harper’s minority is threatened, unless at least one of the other parties helps keep him in power. He needs his “friends”. Thus, the obvious song is The Beatles hit, With A Little Help From My Friends. The crowd loved both his appearance and his choice of song.

There is a video of the entire song both at the Globe and Mail’s site and also on YouTube. The Globe version is clearer and includes some interesting commentary.

Length = 3:25

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  1. ES says:

    It seems like the PM knows how to get down and boogy as well…On his latest economic trip to India he and his wife visited a Bollywood studio and got ‘jiggy with it’ on stage.