With a Piece of Grass

The title of this post is taken from a quote in an article in The Toronto Star. The article is titled Markham’s ‘food belt’ proposal on the line.

The full quote is:

“My children don’t want to buy a condo, they want to buy a house with a piece of grass,” added Langdon.

What is the proper answer to the continual urban sprawl in the GTA? Most families, especially, want their “piece of grass”, but is it feasible given the density of people?

For me, the biggest issue is transportation. Some would say we need bigger highways. All that does, I think, is encourage people to move further out, as the highway allows them to commute faster from further. After all, property prices are lower further out. This just leads to more people moving further out and so in a short number of years the highways are clogged; yep, further out!

What is Markham’s issue? A faction there wants to leave some farmland alone. They want to slow down, or stop, the urban sprawl. This then led to the above quote.

What are your thoughts on urban sprawl in the GTA? Leave a comment.